The designers


        The architecture team of La Galería Arte y Diseño presents three scopes of performance: design, decoration and interior architecture and work by virtue of the ergonomics applied to furniture and space, originating therefore a customized and adapted design to the necessities of the client.

      We originated artistic and functional spaces and we bet on:

  • The last artistic tendencies.

  • Conceptual, functional and ergonomic sense of the forms and objects.

  • Architecture adapted to the necessities of the user.

  • Excellence in services and materials.



       In the field of art, we worked with artists of national and international scope, that by their constant work and investigation, they obtain an evolutionary creation full of rigor and coherence.

The creative act is based on experimentation, study and analysis. For that reason the artistic work is, from our point of view, evolution, always in continuous movement. The plastic work does not have to remain static, but it has to be a succession of conclusions and always with an opened door to new findings.

Throughout the year, the necessity stays always effective to show the watcher innovating work, of diverse authors and artistic manifestations.

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